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Success Stories

I’m Khumar, an ex-student of BBSYDP-IX Batch-I where I successfully completed my Computerized Accounting course. I’m really grateful to BBSYDP and to SZABIST-ZABTech Larkana for providing quality education and playing its role in society for the betterment of youth and for their employment. ZABTech is an institute where students are made to be a better person and their skills are flourished. I shall always be thankful to this institute who boosted up my confidence and enabled me to teach at the same institute where I was taught.

My Name is Sarfaraz Ahmed Shaikh, I did my Diploma in Management Science (DMS) from SZABIST ZABtech (iTVE) Larkana in Sept 2015. As I was interested in private sector jobs, thus soon after completing my DMS I joined Telenor in November 2015 as Customer Relation Officer (CRO), where I learnt about the customer dealing, customer relationship software, dealing with day to day business issues and new market trends in electronic communication technology. Thereafter I joined Ayaz Distributions in March 2016, as a Key Punching Operator. Recently in the month of August 2018 I have joined NGO "NAI ZINDAGI TRUST" as a Data Entry Operator (D.E.O).

I am Mahnoor Mangi, I applied in NAVTTC and was selected for Graphics Designing Course which I not only successfully completed but also secured a position in Zonal Skill Competition held at Sukkur. I am really grateful to NAVTTC for offering these courses to poor people like us who can’t afford to study by their own. I’m also thankful to SZABIST-ZABTech Larkana for providing quality education and playing its role in society for the betterment of youth and for their employment. I had also worked at SZABIST ZABTech Larkana Campus as a Graphic Designing trainer. The institute where I was a student once enabled me to be a trainer. Currently I am working at Allied Public School Larkana

Assalum Allakum, I’m Prieh Soomro and I’ve done B.S in Computer Science and had been striving to make my career and to be proficient in my life when I came to know about SZABIST-ZABTech Larkana Campus where different diploma and short courses are offered i.e. English courses, Beautician courses, Fashion Designing, Computer courses, Networking, AutoCAD and many others. Since my field was computer so I took admission in short course named “Diploma in Networking” which is of 03 Months. I did my course of Networking from ZABTech from January, 2018 to March, 2018. As soon as I finished my course, I applied for job of Computer Teacher and Computer Lab In-charge at Quid e Azam Ranger’s School and was selected on the basis of my knowledge and skills. I joined Quid e Azam Ranger’s School as a Computer Teacher and Computer Lab In-charge on 02nd April, 2018 which, I believe, is my first step towards success. Today, I’m earning Rs. 15,000/= per month and I have been improving my skills by doing practical what I have been taught at ZABTech. I’m very much grateful to ZABTech and to my teachers who have enabled me for what I’m today. There is a dire need of such institutes in our city Larkana where quality education, practical exposures and motivation is provided for the betterment of the youth.

Jasia always found a person the most intelligent and intellectual who spoke English fluently in front of her and she always wished if she could speak like them. Having a dream of being an Air Hostess, it was not only her need to have good communication skills and confidence but also it was her wish to speak English because this language always seemed an attractive and fascinating language for her. Everyone in life has fears, Jasia’s was to face people and speak English confidently in front of them because whenever she happened to face people, she felt like having cold feet, it was like everything skipped from her mind and she always cursed herself for being so dull and nervous. Not having the nerve to speak up in front of people, she joined many coaching centers and purchased grammatical books with a view to improving her communication Skills but nothing proved fruitful for her to have her dream come true. It was then when she came to know about SZABIST-ZABTech where DCS (Diploma in Communication Skills) course is offered where English Grammar, Writing and Communication Skills are being taught theoretically as well as practically. She thought to give it a try as she was very desperate to have a good command on English Language. She joined SZABIST-ZABTech and started learning English for 06 months and kept on improving. She was assured that language comes naturally to a person so all it is needed, is to believe in oneself. She was made to believe that “Everybody has strengths that they may not realize”. After the completion of the course, she found a lot of change in herself and was able to speak up in public now. “I will never give up. That is what my teacher Sir Shuhab Uddin Siyal inspired me to live with this motto. He is the teacher who knows how to teach students and how to boost up their confidence according to their level and psyche”. She applied and got a job of “Air Hostess” in July, 2018 on the basis of her communication skills and confidence. When she got an appointment letter, she couldn’t believe on her eyes that it was happening, she had always dreamt about it and it was like my dream had come true. She has been now working as an Air Hostess in PIA. She’s very much thankful to SZABIST-ZABTech for playing the key role for the betterment of the youth as well as feels grateful to her beloved teacher Sir Shuhab Uddin to enable her for what She is today. “I laugh as I remember the time when I used to try to speak English and there were so many grammatical mistakes but one should never give up their studies because of failure or hardship. I feel failure is there only for a short period and it helps us climb the ladder of success.” Says Jasia with a smile

Mr. Kashif Abbasi is an ex-student of SZABIST ZABTech who has done Diploma in communication Skills (DCS). Before joining the course, he was novice at English language and had been preparing for CSS examination where he felt the dire need of English especially writing skills so he joined DCS course at SZABIST-ZABTech. After completion of the course with lucrative tactics and techniques of his erudite teacher Mr. Shuhab Uddin Siyal, he learned and got expertise in three things which led him to his success within short period of time. These three keys of his success are Communication, Confidence and Commitment. He also became adept in drafting which proved very successful for him. He appeared in recruitment test of NTS for National Accountability Bureau (NAB) in 2016 after the successful completion of the course and topped in screening test. He was called for an interview headed by Director General NAB, Karachi. The director was so impressed and satisfied by his fluency in communication skills and confidence. “With my parents’ prayers and Sir Shuhab’s encouraging teachings and with my little efforts with diligence and meticulousness, I was offered an appointment letter of Steno Typist (BPS-14) on 09th August, 2016. After joining my duty, within the shortest period of time, I was given an acting charge for the post of Private Secretary (BPS 17) PS to Director, Investigation Wing NAB on the basis of my writing and communication skills”. Says Mr. Kashif Ali His success does not end here; he came to know about vacancy for the post of “Stenographer (BPS-16) in District Sessions Court Kamber District. He appeared and qualified the written test with flying colors. He was called for an Interview consisting of 04 learned Judges Panel headed by District & Sessions Judge Kamber District. They all asked him of his English skills in writing and speaking, accordingly. They were completely satisfied with his answers regarding writing and communication skills. Later on, with the approval of honorable Chief Justice of Sindh High Court, Karachi, he was appointed as Stenographer / PA to Sessions Judge Kamber District on 13th August, 2018. He has been now working as PA to Sessions Judge Kamber Judicial District. “I would like to be very much grateful to my beloved teacher Sir Shuhab Uddin Siyal and ZABTech institute for what I’m today”. Says Kashif